A Million Worlds Locked Up In One Voice

Do you need a unique character for your next commercial?
Or do you need 53 for your latest audiobook epic?
Let me bring your characters to life and give your ideas a voice!
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Vicki-Jo 1

Vicki-Jo Eva

A Sultry & Intensely Evocative British Female Voiceover That Commands Attention!

The Voice Behind the voices

Meet Vicki-Jo (Me)

In my life before voiceover, I worked as an Exercise Specialist, rehabilitating people with long term health conditions, before becoming a Wellbeing Coach for the NHS, giving people back freedom in their lives by returning their health and mobility to them.

Building connections is as important to me as breathing, I have always had a keen interest in people and their life stories.

For years I studied acting at Cygnet Drama School and was even offered a John Guilgud Bursary for my final year. One of my highlights was performing on The Globe stage for the Sam Wannamaker Festival.

I started out in voiceover doing audiobooks and while many find them totally gruelling, I simply love the intensity of them. When you’re performing you have to be fearless and give your all to a character. 

Whether it’s learning about them, supporting them, or pretending to be them…people are my passion. There’s more about my actual voiceover skills to read beyond this, but once you’ve seen that I can do the job, I genuinely look forward to hearing from you and how I can help you bring your ideas to life.

Decades of performance & acting experience

I caught the performance bug when I was 6 and have been completely obsessed ever since. My favourite moments are when an audience is hanging on your every word, completely lost in the fiction. This is what I bring to the voiceover world, creating those moments where someone is truly lost in my words alone.

Dozens of published audiobooks & rising

My audiobook narration is what first got me into voiceover and my audiobook portfolio is the best evidence for how diverse my voice is. From sultry adult mysteries, to warm self help guides and cheeky children’s adventures – there doesn’t seem to be an audience or listener that I can’t speak to. My audiobooks are just below if you want to take a look!

Award nominated...soon to be winning (fingers crossed)!

Voiceovers and actors are well known for their self doubt. So being told by others that you’re actually kind of good is always great news to hear. I’m really proud of my voiceover award nominations, my most recent being for the 2023 Independent One Voice Awards. I’m sure our next project together could be the one that wins me it next year!

Take A Listen To Vicki-Jo's Demos

A Deep, Gentle & Evocative Voice

My audiobook work has given me a lot of training in keeping listeners lost in a world crafted by own voice for hours on end.

I invite you to listen to my demos and see how I can bring over that same commanding immersion to any project you need. From educational courses to commercials, my voice can help spread your ideas and keep your listeners stuck in place.

I’m more than happy to provide a free sample reading of your script if you need a demo that’s a bit more customised to you!

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From my very own home studio, I can record, process and deliver all my audio recordings directly to you, with production that’s professional grade. I’ve delivered work for huge organisations from my home studio, so it removes all the hassle of having to book in a commercial studio, because I throw in one for free.

There’s no waiting times with my studio, so I can deliver all your recordings when you need them and ready to be broadcast straight away!

My Studio Overview

It was great working with Vicki-Jo! She delivered both in terms of our technical requirements and a great narration that the author loves. I highly recommend Vicki-Jo and look forward to working with her on future projects.

Amazing work, great communication and exactly what I needed. Definitely coming back!

Working with Vicki-Jo was an absolute pleasure. She truly exceeded all expectations with her professionalism, speed, and talent. If you're looking for a female voiceover artist who is not only easy to collaborate with, but also incredibly adept at bringing your vision to life, I wholeheartedly recommend Vicki-Jo.

A pleasure to work with - great communication and quick delivery. Will definitely be using her services again.

Everything perfect. Very quick, very friendly. Just 5 Stars everything!

I approached Vicki-Jo after a very bad experience with another VO artist, and the difference was night and day. She delivered excellent quality, was receptive to feedback, and all around very easy to work with. Would recommend.

Great communication and professional voice overs. Thank you!

If I could give Vicki-Jo 10 stars I would. Right from the beginning she was amazing to work with. My book was narrated beautifully. Corrections were minor and few and dealt with immediately. The gig was on time and communication was excellent. I can highly recommend this lovely lady for audio book narration. Great job, thank you.

Knocked it out of the park once again! Always a pleasure to work together!

Great quality of work and fast delivery. We will certainly collaborate in other projects. Fully recommended!

Working With A VO Has Never Been So Easy

Having started out in audiobooks, I know just how important it is to catch a misunderstanding from page 1 and not page 101. If I can't communicate clearly with you, how am I supposed to do the same to your audience!

Before you even hire me, I'm more than happy to provide free samples of your script, so you can tell I'm right for the role straight away.

I love to stay in touch during any project, so if I have a question about your characters, pronounciation or any element of the delivery, then I'm always sure to ask you right away. I aim to turn around most jobs within 24 hours and can provide faster turnaround depending on the project and your timeline, so it's never too late to have me involved with your project.

In short, I work to your needs. So I'd love to hear from you and what you need from me, because that's exactly what I aim to deliver (and I can do it in mp3 or wav formats)!

Let's Build Something Together!

Whether you need a voiceover right now, or you want to ask what a voiceover is… then I’m happy to help out.

Please feel free to drop me a message over my form or get in touch with directly with all the details of your project and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.